Escaping the Square is a fun interactive game for all ages. The rooms are designed with clues, riddles, and evidence in order to escape the mystery. Your 60 minutes of theories may lead you to escaping the square.

We are located in the shopping center on East Oak St. with parking in front of the store front. Our biggest 4 star complaint is hard to find, hope this helps 🙂


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Click the book now to find available times. If you have less than six people in your group there is a possibility that you could be paired with others to form a six person team.

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Escape Room Theme

Hollow’s Crypt:  You have escaped the clutches of the pirates, but wait you hear someone coming.  You duck inside one of the rooms in the castle. They pass by, and you hear them saying “the Captain gave himself up for their freedom”.  The leave, and now you are free!  Wait, the lights go out, and the doors lock.  How will you escape!

Escape Room Theme

Earthquake: Your uncle is obsessed with earthquakes! He lives in an area where earthquakes are common, but he has developed conspiracy theories; you’ll need to decipher them to find him and to get out of the trailer before it falls apart in an hour.  An extremely interactive game that will use your analytical skills to survive the quakes! 20% escape rateBook Now