Escaping the Square is a fun interactive game for all ages. The rooms are designed with clues, riddles, and evidence in order to escape the mystery. Your 60 minutes of theories may lead you to escaping the square.


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Current Escape Room Theme

Dungeons: While on a boating tour off the coast of Spain your boat is over run by pirates!  They lock you up for ransom in the dark dungeons of an abandon castle.  From first appearance it looks like you are doomed to a fate of walking the plank, but as you look closer you find hidden clues that past prisoners have left you to escape your fate.

NEW Escape Room Theme

Fracking Earthquake: In a land not so far away, a government plot to allow big companies to drill without the concerns for it’s citizens opinion has led to a finding by John.  He has proof that the government has been infiltrated by the Square’s lobbyist and that the fracking can possibly take down the entire city of Worth.  You have to find the clues that John left behind to get this story published before the government gets you!Book Now